Jessica Rogers MBACP (Reg); MNCS (Acc. & Reg); Ad. Prof. Dip. PC; BA (Hons)

I gained extensive experience whilst training with a counselling service in South Wales: my work in the community involved helping individuals who struggled with a diverse range of issues including bereavement/loss, alienations, anxiety, stress, OCD, self-harm, PTSD, family issuees, abuse and post-natal depression amongst other areas. I have previously undertaken Child Protection Training and am committed to regular supervision and on-going training courses to ensure I continuously up date my knowledge and skills.

I am an integrative counsellor: I take elements of therapeutic approaches that best suit the individual and the individual’s need and preferred way of working. I work in a predominantly person-centred way (that is I believe that every individual has the potential to implement changes in their own life and can achieve their goals.) This approach is non-directive: that is, I do not tell you what to do, but together we talk through your problems and options. At times a Psychodynamic approach may be called for (that is, looking back at past events/experiences in order to assess their impact on present behaviours, thinking and feelings); whilst at other times it may be that your require some coping strategies to manage behaviours, thoughts and emotions (CBT). Calling on aspects of these approaches is part of my integrative approach.

My aim is: to help you explore your feelings and problems hindering wellbeing in order to make transitions by addressing issues that may be holding you back. The ultimate aim is to enable you to manage your own feelings, find your own solutions and make autonomous decisions in order to live life in a positive manner.

My qualifications are as follows:

Adanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (AD.Dip.PC)

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Certificate (Dip.PC)

Advanced Counselling Skills Level 3

Basic Counselling Skills (Certificate of Merit)

BA (Hons) in English Studies

Further courses and professional development:

Anxiety disorder

Introduction to CBT

Counselling Young People Adjustment Disorder & Depression

Child Protection

Art Therapy

Deliberate Self Harm

An Integrative Approach to OCD

European Symposium on Addictive Disorders

Relational Depth & Emotional Connection on-line Therapy

Relationships – a BACP webinar

Counselling Young People Conference webinar

Identity – a BACP webinar

Samaritans Training

Regular Supervision

Member Organisations:

National Counselling Society (accredited & registered) (NCS)

British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (registered) (BACP)